Friday, November 23, 2007

"Filipina" works! Abroad!

FilipinaTeachers of Munting Nayon Community School, a school run by the Filipino organization Kasapi (mostly Filipina), in Athens, Greece. They could have earned more working double, triple jobs as domestic workers but they would rather help educate children of Overseas mostly Filipina Workers (and those of Polish, Nigerian, Albanian workers too who love the way the Filipinas teach and attend to their children) on Philippine curriculum thus helping raise them as Pinoys.

Filipina domestic workers of Filcomsin in Hong Kong. They give up their only day off on Sundays to help other Filipina domestic workers in need, to lobby for their voices to be heard by government agencies or to inform and encourage other Filipina kababayans to register and to have their overseas absentee votes counted. They could have rested or slept or shopped for bargains to send back home to their families.

Filipina nurses among the Sentoza 27 nurses in the US. They are risking their careers, jobs and families back home to pursue their fight against discrimination, unfair labor practices and illegal recruitment. They could have just taken on sideline nursing jobs and earned more dollars to send home instead, especially with Christmas almost only a month closer.

There are more of these Filipina s working abroad whose every hour is dollar- (other foreign currency-) denominated (times so many pesos - so helpful in these times of skyrocketing prices, one more time especially with Christmas almost only a month closer), yet they take time out to assert their rights or help other Filipina kababayans assert their rights as migrant workers.

Prime specimens of Filipina s - prized workers abroad!

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